John Sheridan
A Dark, Distorted Mirror, Volume 5

Among the Stars,
like Giants

by Gareth Williams

The Babylon Five Parallel Universe

The Shadow War is over.  The Shadows have left this galaxy, moving beyond the Rim.  The younger races work together in peace and harmony as part of the benevolent United Alliance, led by the Blessed Delenn and protected by the fearsome Dark Star fleet, led by the 'Shadowkiller', General John Sheridan.  The Narn and the Centauri are at peace, the Minbari have reformed their Grey Council, and Z'ha'dum is a world guarded night and day by the Vorlon fleet.

Prologue - The Missing Year

2261 was the year the war ended.  2262 was the year the peace began.  But for some people the difference between peace and war is very small indeed.  Decisions made in wartime look harder in the cold light of day, and the greater the light shining in the galaxy, the greater the shadows cast by it.  2261 was the year the war ended.  2263 was the year the peace fell apart.  2262 was the year in between.  The year the dream was born.

Chapter 1

Part I - Learning How to Live

With Babylon 5 complete at last, the Alliance is ready to enter a new age, a golden time of peace and prosperity.  But in a galaxy that has known only war, the concept of peace is hard to grasp.  The new age brings many challenges, not learning how to fight, but learning how to live.  Some seek that understanding through work and labour, others through continuing to build a better world, while for some there is no understanding, only continued war.  And across the dead vastness of space, ancient ships continue to move, gathering for a purpose no one can comprehend.

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Part II - Tales of Valen

He came a thousand years ago, Minbari not born of Minbari.  He delivered to them victory and hope, and he changed their society for ten centuries.  But who was he?  Who are those who supported him, and those who betrayed him?  Who are those who loved him, and who are those who hated him?  And the biggest question of all, where did he go, on that fateful day when he finally passed beyond?  It is time for all the questions to be answered, and for more than one mystery to be revealed.

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Part III - On the Edges of Perception

For a year and a half, he has been gone.  Shrouded in mystery and rumour, he has been walking in the shadows at the corner of the mind's eye.  It is time for him to return.  As the Brotherhood Without Banners prepares the next stage of its devastating campaign of terror, as Dexter Smith struggles to investigate what is happening to the telepaths, as G'Kar learns some horrifying secrets, and as Sheridan stares into the abyss of his own soul, Sinoval will reach out his hand and return to the galaxy.  And two steps behind him.... is Sebastian.

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Part IV - Hopes, Aspirations and Dreams

All things have a price, all actions have a consequence, but no one suspected this.  Across an entire world, eyes look up at the heavens to see a black shadow fall across the sun, and a voice speaks to an entire race.  "Behold the price of disobedience.  Behold the price of dealing with the Shadow."  And then the screaming begins.

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Part V - The Three-Edged Sword

It begins as shock.  It turns to anger, then fear.  A dead world.  A homeless people.  And a lust for revenge.  All forces begin to converge on Babylon 5, demanding answers, demanding retribution, demanding justice.  Kats and Sinoval and Corwin and Delenn and Sheridan and the remnants of the Narn people.  And Sebastian.  And the Vorlons.  Truth is a three-edged sword - but then understanding is not required.  Only obedience.

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Part VI - A Great Hand Out of the Sky

It was a dream crafted from hope in the darkest of days, but now that hope is gone, and the dream with it.  The Alliance is far from allied - divided, torn and grief-stricken.  As Sinoval gathers a council amidst the ruins of Golgotha, everyone must face the future, and plan for it.  On Minbar, on Centauri Prime, on Kazomi 7, on Babylon 5, even on Z'ha'dum itself, the flames of war reach higher.  And somewhere else, dark, ancient, dead eyes watch, waiting for the moment when they will be able to do more than simply observe.

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Part VII - .... Let No God Tear Asunder

There was a time of peace.  There was a time of hope.  There was a time when war could be forgotten.  That time is over.  It is too late for peace, too late for hope, far too late for prayer.  For the sake of freedom, and life, and the destiny of the galaxy, there can be only war.

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Part VIII - Among the Stars, like Giants

With the passing of war, and more than war, there comes peace.  But if anything is to be built from the ashes of the galaxy, the survivors will have to show courage, and wisdom, and conviction, and above all.... trust.

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Epilogue - The Final Words Spoken

"All stories, if carried on for long enough, will end in death of one kind or another.  Of course, that is not always a bad thing." - Sinoval.

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